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Kimia Arya brand is an ethical luxury brand specializing in silks and silk garments. We design and create our own silk textiles, coined the Painted Silk. Our main focus at Kimia Arya brand is sustainability in the fashion world and our mission is to create high end fashion at zero cost to the planet. In order to fulfill our mission and to maintain the least amount of carbon footprint on the environment, all of the pieces at Kimia Arya brand are made-to-order, and are hand cut, hand sewn, and hand prepared in our atelier in Los Angeles, California. We take pride in the production and transparency of our supply chain. The Kimia Arya branded silks are sustainable, fashionable, biodegradable and ethically sourced, and we reclaim our fabrics whenever possible. Kimia Arya brand is based in West Hollywood, California, with roots in Toronto, Canada, where our founder and creative director, Kimia Arya, is originally from.


High quality silks, ethical luxury, and unique textile prints are what sets us apart from the rest.